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Outdoor LED Display

Outdoor LED Display

With Brands Koncept, leave a lasting impression. We offer premium custom digital signage products like transparent LED screens, videowalls, and kiosks that may be used both inside and outside.

As it offers a rich visual experience that draws and entices your potential clients, digital signage is the ideal option for the display that will increase the efficacy of your adverts. Digital Kiosk, Indoor and Outdoor LED Screens, Video Walls, and Transparent LED Screens are a few examples of digital signage systems.

Brands Koncept is the leading provider of digital signage in Dubai and the surrounding area, offering premium goods and knowledgeable assistance for your marketing campaigns and company expansion. For more information on digital signage in Dubai, please contact us.


Technology and Aesthetics


Unlike traditional advertising, LED Display visual is one of the greatest ways to capture and hold the audience’s attention, especially in an outdoor setting. An outdoor LED display has the ability to convey a variety of messages, from grandeur to aesthetic emotions. Our outdoor LED screen was created using cutting-edge technology, and it is easy to use and error-free. The LED display’s compatibility with PCs, tablets, iPads, and smartphones is its strongest feature.
The modules have minimal power consumption and range in pixel pitch from P5 to P16 mm. The devices have a three-year warranty and are stable and tested for tough weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Four out of five brands saw a 33% boost in sales, with digital signage increasing brand recognition by 47.7%, persuasion by 43%, and impulse purchases by 19%.
Most people frequently only consider their clients as they are leaving to make a purchase, and very little care is given to what happens after that time. The main benefit of a visual digital sign is that, in comparison to other forms of advertising, it gives excellent levels of client memory rates and retention.

If you want to consider the long term, digital signage is the way to go because it not only boosts sales and engagement but also increases brand awareness unlike anything else, which greatly expands the pool of possible new customers.


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